3 Small Business Ideas You Can Start in Austin, TX Today

In the heart of the state of Texas, is the city of “Austin”. The city is the hometown too number of businessmen, government servants, engineers, students, artists and entrepreneurs. The city is also known as the “Silicon Hills” and is a hub of latest technology. You can imagine how much potential this city has for business from the Forbes’ list where it was ranked as 14th best place for business and career growth. Other than this the city also has the honor of 12th city for doing work in the field of biotech and life sciences.

The city is not only a tech-town, Austin had a good name for it entertainment field that includes live music, films, theaters etc. A lot of tourists are attracted towards the city for its pleasant atmosphere, arts & culture, picturesque beauty and other recreational activities. Along with so much of its business friendly elements, there are also numbers of top ranking business schools and universities in the city.

Let’s give a read to some of businesses that can be more effective and long lasting in this city.

1- Hostel for students:

With so many universities in the city, students not only from United States but also from all over the world come to this city for studies. If you start a hostel in the city, it will be a cash-coy for you. You can buy / rent place and setup it as a hostel.

2- Child day care:

As mostly parents have to work and their main concern is their child safety during their working hours. You can open a day care center, where you can provide children safe environment as well as quality education.

3- Vehicle renting business:

Another best option for you is to start a vehicle renting business. You can buy some cars, bikes or bicycles and rent them to your customers. You can start with 2, 3 vehicles and can add more to your fleet gradually.

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