Pain-Relieving Gadgets that Sell Better Than They Work

There are thousands of gadgets on the market advertised as “quick fixes” to solve a vast array of problems. While there are times when the newest pain-relieving device on the market really can solve a problem that didn’t have an affordable solution before, more often a newly released device is more likely to rob you of your hard-earned money without bringing a genuine long-term solution. Here are a few gadgets that may sell more often than they work.

Bunion Splints

Bunions are a very common problem for many people from various walks of life. While they may start out quite mild with slight tenderness, in time they can become very painful and even debilitating.

Not surprisingly, there are all kinds of things on the market that promise to relieve bunion pain. One of the most common is bunion splints. These splints are designed to space out your toe to correct the position and alleviate bunion pain. In fact, bunion splints are extremely unlikely to be successful at alleviating bunion pain. They may bring some slight relief in the short term, but they won’t eliminate bunion pain. The only way to permanently relieve bunion pain is to have a minimally invasive procedure from a highly qualified center such as the Northwest Surgery Center.

Massage Chairs

At-home massage chairs can be soothing and comfortable, but if you are looking for relief from significant muscle, back, or neck pain, it’s best to look elsewhere. Massage chairs are very unlikely to target muscle groups as is necessary in order to really get rid of muscle soreness or back or neck pain.

Even the most expensive massage chairs are unlikely to be effective for your pain, and more affordable home versions are extremely unlikely to do what you need them to do. It is much better to invest your money into a skilled massage therapist who can target muscle groups to really get the job done.

Invest in Gadgets Wisely

It can be tempting to try a new gadget on the market, especially if it promises to relieve your pain and discomfort in a more affordable and convenient way than you thought possible. However, gadgets that promise to relieve pain fast may also be the ones most likely to be aiming to just get your money without actually bringing relief.

After all, people in pain may be the most likely to take a shot on an untested product as they will do anything for relief. Most of the time, and certainly when it comes to bunion splints and massage chairs, it’s better to invest in tried-and-true treatment like surgery or therapy than it is to buy a device.

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