7 more great tips for marketing your restaurant successfully

Are you ready to take your restaurant marketing up a notch this season? These tips will help you to attract your target audience and get them through the door of your venue!

Work your email database

Email marketing is cost efficient, green, quick and potentially offers far greater conversions when compared to direct marketing. Develop excellent newsletters that highlight your special offers, seasonal menus, events and other information that customers will want to know. Promote this content on your website, within your venue and through social media, and send it to segmented lists on your email database. Remember that the more you can tailor content and send it to segmented groups, the better targeted your messages will be and the more likely you are to see conversions.

Get social

All great brands are on social media nowadays, so build a strong social media presence on the platforms your customers use, which is often Facebook and Instagram. Use photos, stories, blogs, reviews and other content types to engage with your customers throughout the year.

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Make it worthwhile

Keep mixing up your content and provide lots of incentives to get people to take notice, have fun and show your role within the community. Run special offers and competitions, get your team out to volunteer at local events, cater at a community event, and generally do your part to show how relevant you are.

Create a loyalty programme

A loyalty card and programme is a simple, cost-effective way of getting customers through the door on a recurring basis. Email the deal and promote details online and offline to encourage people to sign up.

Shake up the menu

What seasonal ingredients are nestling in your glass door refrigerator? You’ll find a great range at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/glass-door-refrigeration. Work with your chef to create exciting, changing menus that use the best of seasonal, local ingredients!

Manage your reputation

Use online review sites and link them to your online assets, then ensure that your customers have a superb service when they dine with you so they’ll want to share their experiences.

Ask and get!

Ask your customers to help spread the word about your restaurant by asking them to like you and follow your social accounts. If they will share your content to their own network, it’s even better!


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