Five Tips on How You Can Identify a Scam Locksmith

Anyone can need the services of a reliable locksmith in their everyday life. For instance, is a good name. Unfortunately, several fake locksmiths in the market use all the tactics and ways to look genuine and irresistible. But, how can you spot if you are likely to get a locksmith scam?

Here are a few things that keep coming with scam locksmiths. Take them as red flags and save yourself from being a victim of these scams.

  1. Too Good Locksmith Ads

Most scam locksmith ads are too good to be true. They offer locksmith services for a sunken price. Some also have storefront pictures, which they steal a legitimate locksmith’s website. You may also find those pictures on Google during a reverse image search online.

  1. Vague Calls 

Fake locksmith services do not answer a phone call with a business name. Instead, they say service or locksmith when attending the phone call. When you ask them for the price, they will give you a low-cost quote, such as $12 and up. It is unlikely to stay in a business with such low price rates. If a locksmith claims to provide you with low-cost services, they will charge you several times more through tricks on your locks.

  1. Slow Response Time

A scam locksmith company takes hours to get back to you through the call and online response. If it happens to you, be suspicious because it is usually because the locksmith is not as close as they want you to believe.

  1. Inconsistent Appearance 

Fake locksmiths are not likely to wear a uniform or carry any ID card showing their employment in a locksmith company. They do not come in a vehicle with no or temporary marking for the business.

  1. Excuses and Stories

Fake locksmiths will claim that your lock is a commercial one or a high-security one, and so, it needs drilling. They will eventually destroy the lock and replace it with a lower quality lock. The scam locksmith will charge you through the nose for that cheaper lock.

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