Take pictures of your exhibition stand

Discover the importance of taking photos of your exhibition stand

Taking pictures of your exhibition stand could be an asset for both you and your visitors. At Archex, we always do our best to design an exhibition stand that sticks out. That’s why we love to immortalize it by taking photos with the people who come to visit us.

Here’s how the pictures might be useful to you at the trade show:

Allow people to bring back a souvenir

People already have their heads and hands full after walking through all the other exhibit booths. They have their heads elsewhere and will be easily distracted when you talk to them. However, sending photos by email is a good way to allow them to receive a souvenir when they have time at home. The more your photo concept is unique, the more they will look forward to receiving it. Also make sure that several people are in the picture, since it is even more pleasant looking at pictures that contain friends!

Expand your contact list

In order to receive their photo, people will have to give you their email address. This can thus become a very effective way to accumulate a larger list of contacts. However, make sure not to become disturbing or to contact them without their permission. Leave them the right to choose whether they want to receive information or not. Then, after meeting you, they will be good candidates to receive your newsletter every month and develop an interest in what you have to offer them. A contest can also be interesting to enlarge your contact list.

Attract people to your Facebook page

In addition, you can publish the photos on your website and your Facebook page, assuming you have been granted permission from the participants. This will encourage them to like your page to get access to the photos throughout the week, and will increase your visibility. From then onward, they will see what you share on your page in their news feed without it becoming disturbing. Also, as they interact with your page, for example, by liking their photo, their friends will see what they are doing and this will result in free visibility for you. That way, social networks become an asset to you, regardless of your budget.


Archex is confident that taking pictures of visitors at your exhibition stand can give you an edge. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, explore our professional booths, portable displays and rental stands now. After all, these efforts to design the best exhibition booth, enjoy it and preserve it!

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