Sprain And Strain In Low Back: Causes And Treatment

Sprain and strain in the low back is a common problem that people experience due to various reasons behind. Lumbar muscle strain is a common cause of lower back pain. This muscle is responsible for moving, lifting a weight, twisting and bending. So when it gets hurt then all the actions get affected.

People take over-the-counter medicines for the pain but most important is to find out the cause behind to have the correct treatment. Online pharmacy offers all the prescribed as well as over-the-counter medicines at your doorsteps with various discounts. A lumbar sprain occurs when the ligaments attached t the bones get torn. And this results because of some injury of continuous use of this lumbar muscle and ligaments.

Various symptoms make you realize that you are suffering from a low back sprain. Pain is the common symptom and this is because due to torn ligaments inflammation occurs. Due to inflammation the patient experience pain. Here are a few symptoms of low back sprain and strain:

  • Pain in the lower back with can extend towards the buttocks but it never affects the legs
  • Inability to maintain the posture due to stiffness in the lower back
  • Patient experience pain for 10-14 days
  • One can experience muscle spasm during action or sometimes at rest
  • Restricted range of motion

When one has such symptoms then it is very important to make the right treatment happen so that you can come to your normal schedule. The diagnosis of this problem is done through X-ray and MRI. Diagnosis is important to identify the underlying cause like undetected disc injury.

Never go for over-the-counter medications if you are having persistent pain and symptoms. X-ray is done to detect the cause of pain like due to tumor, infection or injury. It all comes out through X-ray. MRI, on the other hand, gives the three-dimensional image to detect the enlargement, degeneration, and tumors.

When you get confirmation about this low back strain or sprain then make sure you follow all the prescribed tips. During the treatment, doctors advice the patient to take bed rest for a short period like for three to four days. Non-steroidal inflammatory medicines are also given for the pain if the pain goes from mild to moderate.

With the medicines and the bed rest physical therapy is also recommended and the physiotherapist analysis the problem deeply and work out on that. Ice heat therapy, stretches, electrical muscle stimulation is all done in the physical therapy to reduce pain and to alleviate the symptoms.

When it comes to taking care of every part of your body then what we do is do exercise but you should do it balancing your stamina and the posture that matters. So study well for that or take the help of an expert. Sometimes due to lack of knowledge we just go through such health issues. so keep yourself healthy and fit by exercising and having a good diet.

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