Reasons Why Now is The Best Time To Integrate AR into Your Business

Augmented reality (AR), just like its closest tech relative virtual reality (VR) is sending shockwaves in the business scene. The technological application blends the physical and the digital worlds, creating an interesting new environment which lets us interact with. While virtual reality calls for wearing of goggles for the interaction between the real and the virtual worlds, AR employs everyday devices to overlay specific digital elements to give you a live view of the world around you.

As a result, there is an increase in the number of AR-enabled smartphones. Also, gone are the days when you would reconsider AR for your public relations Toronto business blaming AR for being unintuitive and ugly. Thanks to the new exciting technologies advancing AR like Google’s new pixel Bud, you can interact with AR regardless of the language. You should, therefore, think of AR as the futuristic technology necessary for your business.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate AR into your business.

A whole new world

Google shows that business can reap a lot in profits and revenue by investing in AR. Although Google Glass didn’t perform as well as expected, Oculus Rift, which was later bought by Facebook performed well.

Other companies taking the lead in the use of AR include The Company which introduced new software, the Smart Glasses. This application made it possible for the representation of visual, plus auditory realities of another person – for instance, a surgeon on vacation can teleport themselves into the brain and the eyes of the surgeon holding the scalpel, on the other side of the world.

This reduces the cost of human oversight, and developers get to design AR applications for specific fields to determine when problems occur autonomously.

AR for unifying talent

Besides superimposing new information and imager on to the otherwise normal scenes, you can also use AR to unify workflow and processes, increasing your business’ efficiency. This is possible because AR allows you to view the reality of a peer while introducing your reality into their digital and vocal input.

You can employ AR to fill the talent gap in between individuals within organizations. By using AR for business, you reduce the time and resources you would use by getting a professional in the office, in the flesh. Also, the application works all too well for the bosses spread thin to attend all meetings. Through AR, you can fly through the wall and hold/ attend meetings you wouldn’t be able to attend in person.

Training and education

Rather than paying flight and accommodation fees for all your employees to attend training, why not train them from where they are using AR? AR proves more effective as it uses on-screen instructions and layered graphics to show complex processes.

Showcasing products

With the rise in e-commerce, there is an increasing need for the adoption of techniques for showcasing your products. AR makes this possible and, looking at Ikea Place; you can give your customers a superior shopping experience using the application. AR allows buyers to fully inspect all the areas of the shop and the products, hence making a more informed decision. With AR giving customers unlimited 3D and 360 degrees outlook of products, you can easily drive up sales.

You can also use AR for tours and maps and creation of augmented office spaces.

With the immediate ROI from AR, you should consider using AR for your business now.

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