Possibilities of communities in Salesforce

Many companies are looking to improve interactions with their customers and partners. While searching for the best option, you might come across Salesforce Community Cloud. At the same time, people who are working with this organization want to know what is Salesforce Community Cloud beforehand. This is a special portal that is used for communicating with users. It may contain articles that outline principles for improving user experience.

The platform includes extensive functionality:

  • knowledge base;
  • sending applications;
  • chat rooms for communication and more.

The company can choose the appropriate type of communities in Salesforce – for employees, partners or customers. Each type has a different set of functions designed for a specific purpose. Before creating a community for your organization, make sure you make the right choice. It is also easy to set up a login to the system – you may choose a login and password or no need for authorization at all. You can open access to information for everyone or prevent unauthorized customers from viewing certain content. To make it easier to set up your community, it’s worth contacting Advanced Communities.

Setting up templates for partner communities on Salesforce

You can choose the appropriate template to get a convenient interaction with your partners. It includes not only design, but also a set of functions. If you liked the layout of the examples of Salesforce communities, but lack the functionality you need, skip to the next template. Once you have all the options you need to get started, you can use HTML and CSS components to change the look of your pages. The portal offers many reference recommendations, based on which it is easy to customize your template and functionality.

Your organization can use different categories of data that your customers need. To ensure the visibility of your content, you also need to do some preconfiguration. Use Salesforce Community Cloud and its examples of private communities where you can create a profile for each your employee and partner. Here you can configure access to each category with information using a set of permissions. Only your employees will be able to see your confidential information, and news about your company will be available to everyone.

Data visibility in public partner communities in Salesforce is a little more complicated to set up. To set basic access to a specific category of information, you will need to look at Community Builder. The guest profile provides all the options for providing access to content.

What is the range of themes on Salesforce Community Cloud?

You can customize Salesforce community themes – this functionality provides a different way to organize articles and differs from the classic categorization. The templates offer a number of standard theme components that you can choose for your own page. And to display the content, each article must be assigned a corresponding theme. The setting is done as follows:

  • go to the “Content Targeting” tab;
  • open the “Topic Management” section to create a suitable topic;
  • go to the “Article management” tab, where you can assign a desired topic to your content.

In the last section, you can find the desired article or filter the categories with the entered information. All you need to do next is to save the changes, then go to the main page of the portal and try to find the appropriate information.

Themes can be assigned automatically too. To do this, select the desired data category and display the available topics, then use the function to assign a topic automatically. If you need to assign topics for a large number of articles, you can just use a data loader. Next, you need the ID of your article, topic and community.

Salesforce communities: security and pricing

Salesforce Community Cloud certification provides an adequate level of security based on several principles – access to information, content ownership, and data sharing. Access to objects is assigned in the profile of each client, where the permission for other operations (creating, reading, changing content) is set too.

Salesforce communities pricing will depend on what functionality you choose to organize the work of your company. The pages of https://advancedcommunities.com/ describe all the available options for working with documents or ensuring a high level of data privacy. You can choose full visibility of your information, or leave it only for your employees. In any case, the portal options provide maximum opportunities to ensure effective interaction with your partners.


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