How Covid-19 influenced email marketing trends

The spread of the Covid-19 virus in Europe and the United States took entrepreneurs by surprise. The unexpected prolonged quarantine forced them to reconsider their promotion strategy and develop new business tactics. It took a lot of time. However, today one can be sure that the business marketing idea is gradually reaching a new level.

The emergence of unexpected problems prompted a reconsideration of company’s business. The shift to remote work for several hundred customers has had a positive effect on e-commerce. The willingness to change is what determines the success of today’s entrepreneurial activity.

First changes and navigating what’s next

The coronavirus has made a difference for entrepreneurs, regardless of their line of business. At the beginning of March, many companies began to think about change, but only consumers could set the right direction for development and implementation of new strategies.

The sudden lull in the global marketplace was caused by fears of an impending economic slowdown. Despite this, e-commerce representatives were able to see that customer engagement was gradually increasing.

The increase in interest affected online services, courses, and products. A steady growth in the numbers led to conclude that the mailing of information resonated more with recipients. Banner ads, subscription to free notifications, and great deals triggered the rise.

Comparing the situation in the spring of 2020 with this period in 2019, the results may be surprising: the average rate significantly increased. The frequency of small business advertising had no effect on the results observed. Buyers preferred reliable and trusted service providers.

This situation has forced buyers to act, despite a noticeable decrease in messages from companies. The number of visits on various online platforms also increased. The introduction of quarantine measures contributed to heighten the engagement.

By the end of March, interest had taken a new turn as many representatives from various fields moved online. This period was favorable for e-commerce as well as other businesses. The sudden shift allowed, to catch the customer attention, the necessary support and the introduction of new local businesses marketing.

Each entrepreneur was able to find a way out of the situation:

  • switch to delivery to home addresses;
  • increasing the number of self-service cash desks;
  • introduction of an online ordering system.

Nonprofit organizations have also been able to take advantage of the opportunity. Mailings and descriptions of assistance options for helping small businesses appealed to users who hadn’t received or read messages before. Going online is a significant accomplishment that has impacted small and medium-sized businesses.

The impact of COVID-19 on small business outcomes in all the world

Small business owners were not neglected by buyers, so an increase in the engagement was noticed in them as well. The increase in the level of engagement was much greater than it seemed at the beginning of March. Customers followed both large companies and small organizations with equal interest.

Email messaging has become the main way small business owners communicate with potential audiences. As statistics show, consumers have begun to take a keen interest in information from previously unnoticed providers of services, products and goods.

The development of the e-commerce sphere and the presence of representatives-giants did not affect the results of small business owners. Comparing the consumer engagement growth rates of large and small service providers, make possible to see that the period was more favorable for the latter.

With many companies suspended and others which made a crisis advert, it was possible to find an interesting detail. Despite the sudden downturn, economic activity continues.

Before the introduction of quarantine measures, companies conducted 2 promotional campaigns per month. The duration of the campaigns and the validity of special offers was up to 14 days. March made people think about a new approach to doing business, which led to a reduction in the number of messages sent out.

However, as customer engagement continues to grow, it’s worth thinking about increasing the number of great offers. Customers are more likely to open mailings and be more enthusiastic about helping small businesses.

According to the research results, the audience engagement remains high. To increase the number of loyal customers, more frequent advertising campaigns and useful weekly newsletters are required. This will protect the business from a possible decline.

Simple recommendations for small and medium-sized businesses

The spread of coronavirus infection has necessitated a new promotion strategy. In order to keep the results satisfactory, a great attention is required on the behavior changes of the target audience. The success of promotional campaigns depends on the correct prioritization. A careful consideration of the users interests will allow to create new popular promotional mailings. Detailed statistics regarding each campaign can be obtained using special services.

The platform not only allows to send messages to customers from a database, but also to consult statistical data. This service is the best assistant for those who are going to develop a new marketing strategy in businesses.

Massmailsoftware company provides the necessary support for the effective use of the platform. The trial period is 10 days. This is enough to be sure of the diversity of the collected data. Use the acquired information in order to promote and develop the right strategy.

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