Canvas Bags: Are They Truly Eco-Friendly?

Commonly used eco-friendly canvas materials are cotton and linen. Most of the canvas tote bags are made using these two materials and prove to be sturdy and cost-effective. Besides, the best part about using canvas tote bags is they are re-usable. If taken care off, they last almost 5 times more compared to normal plastic bags.

Furthermore, they are easy to maintain. You can wash them when dirty and patch them up if torn. Also, since these bags are claimed to be decomposable, you can be rest assured that they won’t be lingering around in the landfills for years and years. In simple words, canvas tote bags are accepted as a greener alternative.

However, some of the European experts have now challenged this assumption. They claim, that since there are many hidden costs associated with producing canvas fabric, and thus it is not exactly eco-friendly.

So, the question is should you consider ordering canvas reusable grocery bags or not? Companies like Custom Earth Promos deliver canvas bags designed as per your needs and specifications. If you are looking forward to order some for your store or company, do check out their website.

Is canvas fabric eco-friendly?

There is no simple Yes or No answer to this question. The thing is, the answer to this question largely depends on what a person thinks the term ‘eco-friendly’ means, and exactly how the canvas fabric was produced.

For instance, for most of the individuals, eco-friendly is a term used to describe items that don’t pollute landfills and oceans. If this is what you believe, then be rest assured canvas bags are surely eco-friendly. Then again, if you consider the amount of planet’s resources like – water, soil, air, etc. used in developing canvas fabric, the answer will vary.

Furthermore, if we consider how canvas fabric is produced, it will give us more clarity on how eco-friendly the material is. Basically, canvas is a natural fiber made from cotton or linen. Now, the fabric made only using these materials is eco-friendly as well as bio-degradable. However, when it is blended with synthetic materials like PVC, it is no more bio-degradable.

Canvas production is comparatively more sustainable when organic cotton is used. This is because, growing organic cotton in good quality soil uses less water, harmful chemicals and pesticides. In simple words organic cotton doesn’t harm ecosystem in any way.

Is canvas vegan?

Yes, absolutely. There is no doubt about the fact that canvas fabric is vegan. After all, no animals are harmed or killed in producing canvas. This means, if you want to portray your company as vegan, using canvas tote bags for delivering your products will be a smart move. Using canvas fabric, you can make as much designer bags as you want, and along with that proudly claim to be vegan.

All in all, to summarize it can be said that canvas tote bags are a wonderful choice for companies and stores who are looking for an eco-friendly and durable alternative. With the countless designing ideas, you can promote your company name and logo with these bags.


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