3 Budget-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing can be an extremely effective way for small businesses to reach huge numbers of potential customers. It can be used to enhance a business’s brand and to bolster conversion rates. It is, unfortunately, rarely cheap, though. While digital marketing can provide businesses with a number of key advantages, some new and growing companies may simply not be able to afford the most innovative or comprehensive marketing practices. The good news is that there are many cost-effective marketing solutions that businesses on a budget can utilize to great effect. Here, we’ll review three of these tactics and show how your company can make the most of its marketing resources:


Blogging is fundamental to any successful marketing plan. Though creating a compelling blog is certainly easier said than done, the reality is that blogs typically represent great value for money. Content is relatively inexpensive to produce (if not free), yet it can generate serious interest in some of your products or services. Of course, the beauty of blogging is that you can write effective blogs on any subject –– from standard cell culture dishes to the most popular smartphone apps. Also, keep in mind that blogging can offer numerous SEO-related benefits as well. If you’re strapped for cash, but have plenty of time on your hands, adding a blog to your business website is a fantastic way to bolster your marketing efforts.

Social Media Outreach

Believe it or not, it is still possible to attract a loyal following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. without spending a large amount of capital. Rather, creating viral, interesting, or just plain helpful content on social media can attract the attention of potential leads. On the other hand, paying for ads on social media may not be free, but ads on Facebook in particular have a strong track record for delivering substantial ROI.


When professionals think about marketing and advertising, they too often focus on identifying and connecting with new customers. While certain marketing campaigns can absolutely attract new clients to your brand, you’re more likely to experience sustained success marketing to existing or previous customers. Individuals who already know your business and who appreciate your work are much easier to reach. Thus, it typically costs a lot less to market products online to people who have already bought similar items. Business can achieve this through relative low-cost means of marketing and advertising –– like email marketing, for instance. Remember, developing happy, repeat customers is a key to long-term business viability.

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