Benefits Of Social Intranet In The Workplace


Having an intranet in the workplace gives a lot of benefits. File transfers are easier, file management is a breeze, and things like accidentally deleted files is not a problem anymore. These are the benefits of an intranet system in the workplace. What about the benefits of an intranet social network? Will it be good for the workplace and the employees to get a social intranet?

What Is Social Intranet?

Simply put, a social intranet is like the Intranet equivalent of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Employees can sign up to join the network, post status and comments, like other people’s status and comments, use hashtags, and even mentions. Some of the social intranet software also enables follow functions just like on Twitter. These are a typical setup of a social intranet, and depending on the needs of the company, the features could be more or less.

  1. Improvement Of Information Sharing (While On The Go)

Information sharing is a vital process when it comes to workplaces. If a person missed information, even just for a few seconds, and made a decision without knowing the information, things might get messy after. Using a social internet will help in fast sharing of information within two people or within groups, or within management and the whole employee population. One of the best features of electronic and written sharing of information is that it is automatically documented and can be reviewed later on. In addition, because most of these apps are for smartphone usage, even those who are not in their offices get notified if something happens.

2.Social Intranet As A Good Platform In Giving Rewards

There are social intranet platforms that enable employee recognition to acknowledge the hard work of a certain employee, a group, or the whole company. As a reward, they are given virtual currency or virtual items where they can stack it up and exchange for something that has value, like a gift voucher. In this way, rewards are given uniformly. This also serves as motivation for all employees to work hard every day.

  1. Reducing The Risk Of Information Leakage And A Better IT Integration

Information leakage is often from inside leaks, whether it be an accidental or a planned leakage. Sometimes, sharing information via third-party apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox, or even through email is enough to fill the gaps. But using this kind of apps maximizes the risk of infiltration and leakage. Using a social intranet is a better option because files are moving only inside the company’s servers and do not leave the network.

  1. A Platform For Suggestions For Every Employee

Sometimes, the management and higher-ups have no idea of what’s going on in the bottom ranks. What are the problems they’re dealing with? Is there a way to make things faster? Is there a process that only slows down the whole system? Things like this and vice versa for employees in the higher ranks are common in the workplace. To address this, a social intranet platform is a good place for every employee to share their thoughts and suggestions.

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