HVAC Variants

HVAC is the most expensive necessity in commercial and home setups. If you are constructing a new building for your business it is very important to look at the various types of HVAC setups. Understanding the variants will help you in deciding the best one that fits your needs. If you have the right variant according to the requirement of the building then you will not require HVAC repair anytime soon.

Split Systems

Split systems are the most popular types of AC systems because they have two different units dedicated to the heating and cooling of the environment. A smaller outlet is inside the building while the larger one is placed outside to expel the hot air. You can easily spot them in your neighbourhoods and shops.

Hybrid Split System

When you see the hybrid split system you will observe that they are very much similar to the simple split systems. However, they have a major difference in them. Hybrid split systems operate on various energy sources that allow energy conservation and low utility bills making them a good choice for commercial use.

Packaged System

Packaged systems are the heating and cooling systems that can be kept inside your home and office easily. They do not have any exterior unit. They are easy to maintain and can be placed anywhere. In the areas where exterior units are not allowed or cannot be kept due to lack of space, the package system is used for heating and cooling purpose. Another advantage of the package system is that it can be moved if required anywhere in the building.

Mini Split System

It is the most expensive variant of HVAC but its price is justified keeping in view the advantages that it provides. The system has one strong outdoor unit and multiple indoor individual systems. You have complete control over each unit independently. It allows heating and cooling facilities in particular rooms and you can turn it off in the rooms where you do not require heating and cooling.




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