How to deal with aggression: 10 simple and effective ways

Every man from time to time is able to show aggression, which can be caused by a lack of time, workload, stress and negative emotions. Sometimes, even because of some little things, caring and attentive representatives of the stronger sex can become unbalanced, and this negatively affects not only themselves, but also those around them. That is why the question of how to deal with aggression is so relevant. PMVA training course is also helpful for aggression management.

If a man rarely “lets off steam”, then most likely the matter is a combination of circumstances and fatigue, but if an aggressive state is normal for him, you should think.

After all, often he soaks up a hostile model of behavior that he simply does not realize when he offends and hurts another person. And so that negative emotions cease to prevail over you, let’s figure out what aggression is and how to deal with it?

Aggression – what is it?

Like other types of psychological state, aggression is an integral part of the life of each individual and society as a whole. The phenomenon of aggressive behavior, as a rule, is associated with negative emotions, motives, attitudes and actions.

Aggression is an attack, a desire to subjugate others, which has a powerful attractive force, since many people reject such hostility in words, but at the same time often demonstrate it in everyday life. Inadequate behavior is directed at other people and objects, at oneself, and it is expressed in: threats, slander, coercion, conflict and the use of physical force. The most serious manifestation of this condition is violence – sexual, physical or emotional.

Very often at work or in public places you can meet a man who, cursing with someone, splashing out his anger and rage, can literally tear and throw. This happens until the negative emotions that cause aggression, either subside or completely disappear. Then the aggressive person, explaining his behavior, can say that he simply has a complex character, and live on with a clear conscience.

But this is not an option, because during even a small quarrel, energy is lost and the nervous system of all participants in the conflict is depleted. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and the reputation of a brawler, it is necessary to apply several methods that will help to cope with negative emotions.

Methods of dealing with aggression

  1. Take a break from the situation

If something does not work out, then you can try to influence the course of development of the situation by simply changing it. When negative emotions begin to guide you and lead you into an aggressive state, the best option would be to simply leave the place where you are at the moment. In this case, such an act will be the most reasonable solution. Take a walk in the park, enjoy the excellent weather, dream and, returning after some time, you can take a fresh look at the difficult situation.

  1. Exhale and count to 10

The most effective way to help calm down is proper breathing. When you feel that you are beginning to get annoyed, simply exhale slowly and count to 10.

  1. Cultivate patience

Remember, you are not perfect, so try to develop and cultivate a tolerant attitude towards others. Moreover, do not pay attention to minor irritants, because they are not worth it. Be a real man!

  1. Do not Cry

If during a quarrel you say what you wanted to shout in a quiet and slow voice, you can not only cope with the growing aggression, but also look at the problem from the other side. Indeed, due to the fact that you will speak in an unnatural voice for yourself, the impression will be that this situation is happening to someone else, but certainly not to you.

  1. Bite your lip

During growing irritation, take some kind of unpleasant action for you, for example, you can pinch yourself on the arm or bite your lip. This will help for some time to distract and see the situation in a different light.

  1. Practice calm presence skills

An excellent option, at the time of emotional stress, may be the following trick: sit on a chair and imagine that you are the calm expanse of the lake, while the water in it reflects reality. Thus, you will divert all negative thoughts and emotions from yourself, and therefore, get rid of aggression.

  1. Laugh more

Surprisingly, a very effective way through which you can quickly get rid of an excited state is laughter. Positive emotions not only improve mood, but also charge with positive. Remember a funny joke, and the irritation from what is happening will instantly disappear.

  1. Swap places with another person

Put yourself in the shoes of another person during a conflict and try to imagine the emotions and feelings your opponent is experiencing. Do not get annoyed, but try to discuss everything peacefully. This will help not only to achieve a lack of understanding, but also to distract from the controversial situation.

  1. Relax more

As a rule, the main symptoms that trigger the onset of aggression are fatigue and stress. The main cause of irritability may be a lack of sleep. Therefore, spend more time sleeping and start the morning with a wholesome breakfast consisting of cereal and freshly squeezed juice.

  1. Do sports

Find time for sports in your busy schedule. Do not accumulate in yourself irritability, hatred and anger – beat the boxing “punching bag”. So that negative emotions cease to “command”, you can do special yoga for men, which will teach you to control your aggression and relax.

There may be many options in finding a solution to how to deal with aggression. However, no matter what happens, you need to try to maintain patience and calm, not to let anything negative into your life. It is important to remember that all bad passes, and good always remains.

Of course, it is up to you to decide how to deal with your own aggression, but if you believe in the good, drive away all negative emotions and think positively, then there will be no room for irritation, discontent and anger in your life. Do not get angry and smile more often!

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