5 Ways to Practice Compassion With Your Employees


Employers and employees always have a complex relationship. Most workers just want a paycheck, while most employers just want quality work. However, in the process, many people fail to realize that their employees or employers are actual human beings. For this reason, it is important to practice compassion, particularly as a business owner. In today’s […]

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Comparative vs. Absolute Advantage in Global Trade


Global trade is a complicated endeavor in which countries attempt to maintain a level playing field but still gain advantages wherever they can. Maintaining the right balance is a lot like a dance. Unfortunately, no type of global trade can be 100% equitable. This is easily understood by examining what is known in global trade […]

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How Much Do You Need for a Laundry Business?


The laundry business will always be in high demand but will require quite a lot of capital to begin. Two major factors affecting its price are the pricey laundry equipment and promises of a higher ROI than other industries. But before you contact companies like Clean Venture Fund to help with your capital, you first […]

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4 Important Reasons for Consistent Laundry Equipment Maintenance


Investing in a laundry business is a worthy business venture for anyone looking to start a business that doesn’t need constant attention. However, for your business to continue running efficiently, the laundry appliances have to be maintained regularly. In case of damages, you should replace the necessary laundry parts accessible from Laundry Replacement Parts by […]

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4 Hurdles to Overcome When Planning a Research Trial


Research trials face many challenges; from recruitment of participants to governance and regulation. Once identified, all the challenges are easier to overcome if clinical trials done by research organizations like Veristat are to be successful. Below is an overview of some of the challenges that you might have to face during your research trial. Evolution […]

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Mississippi Bill Shines Light on Medical Cannabis Conflict


Mississippi voters overwhelmingly supported a state medical cannabis program when they voted in favor of Initiative 65 late in 2020. The initiative passed with a 74% majority. Months later, state legislators have approved a separate medical cannabis bill known as SB 2765. The bill shines a bright light on the ongoing conflict between legislators and […]

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Canvas Bags: Are They Truly Eco-Friendly?


Commonly used eco-friendly canvas materials are cotton and linen. Most of the canvas tote bags are made using these two materials and prove to be sturdy and cost-effective. Besides, the best part about using canvas tote bags is they are re-usable. If taken care off, they last almost 5 times more compared to normal plastic […]

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