The PAL Card (Powered Access License) is recognized worldwide as evidence of platform operator training across industries. It’s issued by the International Power Access Federation (IPAF) to platform operators who complete training courses at an IPAF approved training center. The IPAF educational program was developed by leading industry professionals and is certified by TÜV by ISO 18878 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, which is operator (driver) training of international standards.

PAL Card

If you wish to figure at altitude and use access equipment: IPAF believes you must receive military training. Additionally to your primary job, such as electrician, painter, decorator, cleaner, you’ll have a replacement skill. The platforms are designed to use and offer a secure thanks to work on heights, but with military training, you may be ready to use the equipment more efficiently and safely. If you’re an employer: you’ll take care that the legal requirements are met if your platform operators have a PAL card. Most legislation that complies with health and safety responsibilities, accident prevention, and altitude regulations requires you to produce employees with appropriate training within the use of labor equipment. High-quality IPAF training implies that your platform operators also will work more efficiently and productively.

Smart PAL Card

The IPAF’s award-winning SmartPal Card (Powered Access License) machine is readable and might be accustomed to ensuring that only trained operators use on-site Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MWPs) are going to be able to All PAL cards issued today are smart PAL cards. They give the impression of being somewhat like standard PAL cards. Data stored on the cardboard, like the operator’s name, number, and therefore the categories during which it’s trained, is additionally printed on that. The sole difference is that the SmartPal card is marked with a wireless icon and contains a chip.  The information within the chip is often read by a card reader installed within the machine. The reader is usually configured to accept some data, which can allow the device to run. This data also includes whether the cardholder has been trained, to what level, and within which category of device.  There’s no additional personal contact information on the cardboard. IPAF and its accredited training centers keep any personal data by the info Protection Act. Employing a SmartPal card with a reader device can control access to the machine and improve site security. Site managers can use this technique to confirm that only trained operators can run MWPs or MCWPs (mast climbing work platforms).  They’ll also track who has used which machine for the long way and forestall counterfeit use.


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