3D Lipo Treatment Sessions

3D Lipo treatment is the latest treatment that provides a non-surgical slimming effect on the clients. 3D Lipo ultimate machine is used for destroying the fat on various body parts, making you look slimmer. Both men and women can benefit from this treatment and lose their extra body fat without heavy exercises and starving. It is not suitable for people who have cuts or injuries in the areas where they want to get this treatment. It is also not suitable for people with metal insertion in their body that might result from various surgeries. People have various concerns regarding 3D Lipo sessions. We have cleared some of them here.

Number of Sessions

Normally, the treatment lasts for 8 weeks, but this duration may depend upon the fat level you have. People with stubborn fat layers need a longer time to get good results. If you have minor fat, then it may take fewer sessions to clear it out.

Duration of Session

3D Lipo treatment consists of four to five different treatments therefore, it takes at least one hour even with the best machines to get a complete session. Aesthetic practitioners make sure that they schedule treatments in a way that is compatible with the comfort of their clients so that they can consistently go through the entire treatment module. Taking your sessions at the right time and consistently is very important for promising results regarding slimming. Skipping sessions or not taking regular sessions will reduce the effectiveness of slimming treatment.

Annual Maintaining Sessions

The results obtained through 3D Lipo treatment are permanent as the destroyed cells are not coming back, but it is important to have annual maintenance sessions to destroy the newly made fat cells and keep you slimmer. Aesthetic practitioner will provide you with all the information regarding how many sessions you may require and time depending on the fat level you have accumulated within that period.


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