5 Interesting Facts About Running a CBD Business

The CBD market has been growing exponentially over the years, and this is still the case. Most people still want to learn more regarding this industry, and if you are interested in joining the CBD industry, you may have a lot to learn.As the industry is continually evolving, having an in-depth knowledge of its ins and outs will make it possible to adapt and change your business when the need arises.

Before starting your own CBD wholesale or retail business, it is vital to understand various business facts. It will save you all the trouble and losses. Additionally, when you know your trade, it is easier to convince your buyers and make them understand the benefits of CBD. Here are some facts about this business.

1.CBD oil does not bring a ‘high’

CBD and THC are both compounds of the cannabis plant but one is psychoactive while the other is not. CBD oil is non-psychoactive, while THC is. The difference between these two is because they come from different parts of this plant. CBD comes from the hemp portion, while the THC comes from the marijuana portion. THC and CBD can both be measured in grams, and they also come in different strains. Although they are both cannabinoids they are distinguished from each other by their psychoactive property.

2.CBD is extracted using two main methods

Cannabidiol is often extracted from flowers, stalks, and leaves of the cannabis plant using either heat or solvent extraction methods. In the extraction method, solvents are used to separate the compounds from the cannabis plant. CO2 is used as the solvent in high-end extraction. If you are trying to extract CBD at a lower cost, harsh chemicals such as butane, ethanol, and kerosene can be used as solvents. When using these chemicals, steam is used in extracting the oil gently and effectively.

The extraction methods that you choose to use will directly impact the quality of your oil. This comes about due to the delicate nature of hemp. Therefore to get the best quality of CBD wholesale Texas, it is vital to utilize a process that will not cause any damage during extraction.

3. CBD oil is different from hemp oil

CBD oil is an oil containing Cannabidiol, and it is extracted from the cannabis plant. It is usually combined with a base oil for the consumer market. On the other hand, hemp oil is derived from seeds from the hemp plant. This oil has its health benefits and should not contain any cannabinoid, including CBD.

4.It is safe and non-addictive

The World Health Organization (WHO) previously issued its position and provided data showing that CBD is safe to consume in its purest form. CBD is non-psychoactive as well. It means that this oil will not give you a ‘high’ when used. Therefore if you intend to become a CBD seller, you are on the safe side as you will not be selling an addictive substance, which could get you in trouble with the authorities.

5.It comes in many forms.

As more consumers explore CBD’s benefits, producers are coming with innovative ways of availing it in different forms. Everyday CBD products include gummies, oils, cosmetics as well as beverages.

These are just some facts that you need to know about CBD. Grasping them will enable you to come up with competitive products when you start your CBD business. It will also help you avoid mistakes resulting from a lack of proper knowledge in this field.

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