How Much Do You Need for a Laundry Business?

The laundry business will always be in high demand but will require quite a lot of capital to begin. Two major factors affecting its price are the pricey laundry equipment and promises of a higher ROI than other industries. But before you contact companies like Clean Venture Fund to help with your capital, you first have to know how much you need for your business to specify in your business plan.

Capital Needed to Begin Your Laundry Business

In general, the minimum capital one needs to begin their own laundry business (using leverage) is around $50,000. When you invest in a laundry business leveraged, it will be at least $200,000. For new laundry businesses, you will need at least $250,000.

These numbers widely vary based on the laundromat’s expected size, its location, conditions of the existing business, along with the local construction laws and ordinances.

The numbers may seem a bit daunting, but once you know what you will be spending for the business, it will help you understand why it costs the way it does.

Investing in a New Laundromat

As mentioned, it would take at least $250,000, though there are owners who can spend over $1 million to build a laundromat.

These are the factors to consider:

Location determines a majority of the expenses. Higher living areas like Los Angeles would be more expensive compared to other areas, in terms of construction. Because of its location, the other expenses would rise as well.

Size is also another factor. The bigger the business constructed, the more expensive construction costs would be.

Equipment expenses would vary, depending on how many you will invest in, the sizes of the equipment, the type of equipment you’re getting, and also the brand names.

Finishes after construction will dictate your build-out costs. For instance, marble is very expensive while laminate would be cheaper.

Permits and codes would depend on the local government, with costs and types of permits depending on your location.

These are just the basic expenses, this does not include other miscellaneous fees!

Laundromat Leveraged

When investing in a laundromat leveraged, this means to use a loan for the business capital. This is why you will only require at least $50,000 to invest in a laundromat on a loan.

Getting loans for investing in your business has its benefits, such as being able to see high cash-on-cash return and ROI. Furthermore, you require fewer funds on your end to purchase more businesses, which is why investors purchase on leverage even if they have the money to pay in full. It’s better to own more profitable assets and let those businesses pay for themselves!

Wrapping It Up

The costs of laundromats vary, first depending on whether you are getting a new or existing laundromat, how you will pay for it, then the other factors follow. By knowing the average you should expect to invest in a business, you have more of an idea of what to place in the costing section of your business plan.


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