4 Ways to Protect your Business During and After the Pandemic

Protecting your business is not only about being compliant. It is also about safeguarding your employees and keeping them prepared both during and after the pandemic. This means measures such as the use of the R-Zero uv sanitation light have to be put in place to ensure your business is at the forefront in maintaining a clean and sanitized environment. An example of keeping your business safe from going under is to hire a company like CFOshare. Business turnaround specialists can help you keep your business afloat in hard times such as these. So what other ways can you do to protect your business in today’s times? Keep reading to learn how.

Review Your Cleaning Procedures

Before the pandemic, your business cleaning procedure may have been tailored towards a regular cleaning and once in a while deep cleaning. This is no longer the case, you need to redirect your focus, and the intent is not to keep the place clean but to keep it safe and sanitized. If you previously deep cleaned your business once a month, you may want to change that to weekly or biweekly.  Consider improving your cleaning routine and procedure; add in advanced cleaning and disinfection technology such as UVC disinfection. Also, consider having procedures to include training your employees on protection measures to maintain, daily workstation disinfection, letting the sick employees stay at home, and even regular testing of employees for Coronavirus. Taking proper safety measures will also provide a conducive working environment for improved employee productivity.

Create a Plan

For any endeavor to be successful there needs to be a plan. One that works as a guide of what you intend to achieve. The spread of the virus may be reduced in some states, but that doesn’t mean you should slack in your safety measures. You should instead heighten them more. The plan you create should outline the steps to be taken to prevent the spread. It should also have the actions that will be undertaken should the virus find its way into your business. There should also be a contingency plan in case the main one fails to be effective. This will determine if you continue running or be forced to close your doors.

Keep Your Employees in the know

Health and safety in your business is not just your responsibility but your employees’ too.  You should therefore involve your employees in keeping the place clean and safe. This means, as their employer, you have to inform them of any development made regarding the pandemic requirements whether major or minor. Effective communication can be done through emails (daily), memos on the precaution they should take, training, and regular meetings. Keeping your employees in the know helps to maintain the needed safety standards and to avoid panic should there be a health crisis threat.

Encourage working from home where applicable

One of the steps that have been taken by many companies is allowing their employees to work from home. This helps maintain the coronavirus preventive measure of social distancing.  However, this may not be possible for all industries such as hospitals, but where possible, this measure should be embraced.

Creating a plan for improved cleaning procedures, effectively communicating with your employees, and encouraging them to work from home where applicable are some of the ways you can keep your business safe.


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