4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in a Laundromat

There is a growing demand for laundry services worldwide. People venturing into this business aim to provide the best services with the latest technology in a coin operated washing machine. However, before you dive into this venture, there are some factors you should consider, these include;

Investment and Utility Costs

As you start your laundry business, it’s important that you consider the investment costs. This should not be much of a challenge as some financiers can help you set up your business. You should also consider the utility costs for the laundry equipment you’ll be using. An industrial washing machine might use up a lot of water and electricity and this will affect the overall returns you get in your laundromat. Focus on controlling and lowering the utility cost by purchasing water and energy-efficient machines. There are apps developed that can help you program and monitor your machines from your Smartphone at any time. The app can also alert you when an issue arises with any of your machines.

Service Hours

The time for laundry may not be consistent for all your customers, which is why you need to plan your service hours. Your business has to be open at the right time to serve your customers when they are available. The usual set time is 9 am – 5 pm, but you will need to include hours outside these timings. You may have to be open late at night, and even both weekdays and weekends. To plan for the right service hours, you could start by researching at your competitors’ service hours; when are they most busy? You can also look at areas where you can offer better services than your competitors. This might include adding new amenities in your store.


Your management time will determine if you’ll spend most of your time in the laundromat or check in once in a while. The latter is quite possible, all thanks to technology. With the new and modern machines, they are automated and offer a self-service option. There are also digital payment options even for coin-operated Laundromat. With a service card, your customers can deposit coins to be used to pay for their laundry services. This technology makes it possible for your business to run normally without needing an in-store attendant. However, this does not mean the store will run unsupervised; you still need personnel to keep the place clean and ensure everything is running smoothly.


To ensure your business is successful, you need to find a good location for your business. The ideal location should be easily accessible, have a parking space for your customers, and be visible. Also, be sure to choose a location that’s highly populated and with a high demand for laundry services.

As you look to invest in the laundry business, consider the different costs involved. Go for equipment that is water and energy-efficient as they allow you to control the utility costs. Also, if you’re low on capital, consider getting financing. Additionally, identify the best service hours so you can reach more customers.




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