Sales Simulations Are a Blue Ribbon Training Method

Over the last decade we have used sales simulation with a significant number of B2B companies across a wide variety of industries. The programs have consistently received extremely high evaluations. The programs get high marks from both the participants and from senior sales management.Because a


Why Sales and Marketing MUST Align

Let’s talk about a sales and marketing problem most companies have struggled with for years. I’m not talking about lead generation, market share, or customer retention, although it does impact each of those things and so much more. I’m talking about the chasm that separates


Importance of Sales Management Process

To address issues of sales persons’ productivity an organization needs to address issues holistically. Most organizations when faced with low or declining orders from their sales teams look for quick fix solutions by putting sales people through a rigorous sales training program which more often


Top 3 Reasons Why Sales Enablement Is a Game Changer

While it may be no surprise to you as a sales leader, B2B buyer behavior has shifted dramatically in the past few years. There are 3 game changing reasons why sales enablement equips organizations that are slowly adopting these mandatory shifts, while urging themto adapt


An Island Called Sales

The Island Called Sales: Sales Team StructurePeter Drucker said, “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” If finding a customer is the name of the game then your success in business may be more reliant on how good you are at


A Top Characteristic of Top Sales Producers

If you’re reading this article right now, then chances are you want to perform better in your sales career. It shows that you’re willing to take the time to search out tips and techniques that will give you an edge over your competition. That’s a


Six Steps for Creating a Successful Inside Sales Team

Inside sales – already an important component for many company’s sales efforts – is expanding as more companies develop or add to this valuable sales channel. Here are six things to consider to insure your new sales team is effective and profitable.#1. Define the role


High Performance Sales Organizations

For most B2B companies the largest promotional investment is the sales force, yet most companies fail to utilise this resource to its full potential. As corporations continue to struggle in these difficult economic times, sales executives will need to focus on reinforcing the foundation of


Simple Process Guaranteed to Increase Sales

When seeking ways to increase sales, most sales managers and business owners tend to focus on improving the close ratios. While doing so is a legitimate tactic, improving the close ratio of a sales team can be challenging. On the other hand, increasing opportunities for