Legal Assistance: How to Respond if Injured in a Car Accident


Uh oh! You find yourself in a car accident. Before you go any further, you should first take the time to arm yourself legally. Here are a couple of tips that can help you if you ever find yourself in a car accident.

#1: Never Admit Fault at the Scene

Even if it was your fault, you shouldn’t admit this at the scene because it can be used against you later as evidence. Under state laws, you must exchange insurance information and cooperate with a police investigation.

#2: File an Accident Report

When damages more than $500 occur, you have a legal obligation to file an accident report.

#3: Get Legal Advice Immediately

Memories start to fade immediately and getting legal assistance ahead of time can help you to avoid expensive costs later down the road. They can also help you to recover compensation. For example, let’s say that you were pregnant during the accident. A birth injury attorney can help with this.

#4: Document Everything

The more that you document, the less that you must feel concerned. Take records of medical expenses and time off work. You will need to document your losses.

#5: Get Immediate Medical Assistance

Some people wait to get medical assistance, and they don’t realize that this can hurt their viability for a claim later. Also, you must be certain that you follow the advice of the doctor.

#6: Never Speak with the Opposite Insurance Company

Speaking with the opposing insurance company can lead to terrible results in the court system. Without a lawyer present, you may say something that could hurt your right to compensation. For this reason, we always advise our clients to never speak with the opposite insurance party without a lawyer who can defend their rights. It’s like dealing with the police. Everything that you say can and will be used against you, and you’re better off remaining silent. There’s no reason to give them a written statement without legal assistance.

#7: Never Sign Anything for the Other Driver or Insurance Company

Before you sign anything, you should have a lawyer present who can defend your rights. Many people have signed this only to be disappointed later because they signed away their rights and benefits under their policy. You must stay alert to these dangers.

#8: Speak and Cooperate with Your Own Insurance Company

In some cases, your insurance company will seek to record what happened in the accident. They may want to speak with doctors and inspect the vehicle. You must cooperate with your own insurance company because a failure to do so could result in lost benefits.

#9: Report the Accident Immediately

You must report the car accident to your insurance agent immediately, or they could refuse to cover you.

#10: Inquire About the Policy Benefits

Based on your policy, you could need coverage for rental cars, car repairs or medical bills under the policy. You can use these benefits to wait while settling a claim.

After an accident has occurred, speaking with an attorney on how to proceed is normally the best course of action. They will ensure that you don’t make any legal missteps that could be used against you later in the court system.

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